HBLA Lentia image film

HBLA Lentia:
Image film – concept, shooting, editing

There are schools that are welcomed. And there are schools that can be proud of. The HBLA Lentia in Linz now belongs to both categories. With detailed image films and teasers, we have put them in the right picture.

Education in moving images

For the successful external appearance of the HBLA Lentia, we looked at the special features of this school and set up a storyboard. Afterwards, all facets of the two training branches were captured on site in around a dozen different locations and merged into one story.

The result was a main and two branch-specific image films as well as several short teasers for the social media application, with which the HBLA was able to generate many new registrations.

What was our performance?

  • Storyboard concept and implementation
  • Film shooting on site
  • Editing, mixing, music selection
  • Feature films and teasers