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offroad communiwho?

We like many things – but not die-hards. We also don’t like arch-conservatives, reactionaries, and “It’s always been like this and it always will be like that”-sayers. What we like is a sense of innovation, openness, and a feeling for what may already be relevant tomorrow.
We like that and that’s how we work. Because we like success, yours and ours. But who are we actually? And how do we come to the conclusion that we want to celebrate successes with you?

Who we are:
In short, we are marketers who cannot understand that communication is still pigeonholed today.
In long, we are a steadily growing team of communication experts who are shedding old agency role models and approaching things a little differently. The feminist kids, so to speak, in a patriarchal family; sometimes unpleasant, but always necessary – and in the end dearly loved.
But just look down.

Raphael Remhof

strategic brain

Over ten years of experience in a national and international environment. Expert in brand communication and conception, brand strategy, and online and offline campaigning. Brings his knowledge to men and women in workshops and also as a course leader at WIFI Upper Austria, because he knows omnichannel marketing like the back of his hand. And this hand he gives you anytime he can.

Thomas Candussi

creative head

Born copywriter, conceptionist, campaign thinker and free spirit in some of Austria’s largest agencies for national and international campaigns. Now stands for creative concepts, brand development and communication strategy. Not only is he the most successful Austrian slam poet of all time at the German-speaking championships, but as an active member of the Austrian Advertising Council, he is also responsible for maintaining ethics and decency in advertising.

Benjamin Remhof

visual heart

The well-traveled film and graphics expert provides us with international class design and web film work. He not only benefits from his many years of experience in agencies, but also from all the diverse influences that he has already absorbed in countless countries around the world. That’s how he’s developed his very own filming style. His extensive range of services lets images fly and design speak. Not only for the customers, but also for itself.

Lorenz Stoiber


Our longest employee (temporally and physically). Will someday take over the entire agency and then also the world domination (which will be about the same anyway). Supports us extremely successfully in the areas of SEO, SEA and strategy as well as in the question of what we are having for lunch today.

Lisa Karácsonyi


Not only is her name ineffable, but also the quality of her work. She supports us with graphics, film editing, animation and a good mood – which has made her an integral part of our everyday life almost overnight. So, of course we are happy to learn how to pronounce her name correctly: Liesa? Lissa? Lihsah?

Matthias Knopf


Do you want new approaches in social media marketing and unprecedented strategies? Then this is your man. Okay, actually ours, luckily. And that’s  the way it should be. Because in this way, he can ensure conversions for us – and our customers – on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and Co. for a long time.

Arlene Thaler


As a freelance creative with a slight emphasis on social media, she has already looked after a large number of large customers both offline and online. She Illustrates illustrious illustrations, is prone to conspicuously good ideas, and is known as an excellent draftswoman. Not just by us, but by roughly everyone who has been allowed to work with her.

Stefan Leuthmetzer

project management

Another representative of our big brother Germany. Coming from Augsburg he somehow ended up in Vienna and drove himself into our arms. And we are very happy about that because in organizing, marketing, and project management he really has it all. So it’s really great to have him, duh.

Sandra Dibl

project management

Anyone who manages projects needs an overview, perspective and vision. Sandra combines all of this in an all-round package with which she motivates her colleagues to perform at their best. And that makes her customers happier every day. Because she lends a hand with every project – and, if necessary, also has her whip within reach. Whop-eeesh, or so.

Berhard Schaffer – offroad communications

Bernhard Schaffer


He likes to describe himself as a friendly consultant – but since it almost corresponds to our description of him (wizard), he’s allowed to do that. Because no matter where he is; this digital nomad supports us with his almost infinite knowledge in all matters relating to SEO and SEA.

Kristen Holtze

project management

It is said that everyone has to carry their own package, but this all-round package called Kristen, on the other hand, carries us – and also continuously helps to ensure that things run smoothly for us. She supports us in project management and turns our satisfied customers into very satisfied customers.

Raffaella Schaljo

social media

The studied Bachelorette in spe (journalism and communication sciences, of course) places a lot of value on care and creativity, she says. Well, then she is exactly right with us. That’s why she now supports us in the social media area and brings a lot of ingenuity and good humor into everyday agency life.

Mathias Newrkla


What can you write about someone who writes? That’s just not easy, not even with all the letters the alphabet has to offer. Oh, we are just happy that this likeable text luminary with all his experience is part of our agency and fully supports us in all matters that need to be described.

Daniel Ottwald – offroad communications

Daniel Ottwald

social media

Someone has to have social skills. And Daniel has. Above all on Facebook, Instagram & Co. Because there he can use his skills perfectly – for precise strategies and target-oriented content, for more interactions and growth. With all these skills, he is without a doubt the most social among us.

Steve Pesendorfer


This guy is one of its kind. Not only does he own every pun you could think of, but also he is a graphic artist with real hands-on mentality. Those hands he uses for outstanding illustrations, great graphics or versatile animations. Or everything else you just like to take a close look at.

Ronja Schwarz – offroad communications

Ronja Schwarz


Ronja is our junior in the creative unit. She supports us with design and takes hold of all the advertisements. On the one hand, she ensures great campaign images and, on the other hand, a little more warmth in the office.

Robert Wayand


An old hand in copywriting who with formidable formulations creates perfectly shaped text works of art. He knows the game – and contemporary witnesses have credibly assured him that he had really seen the good old days of advertising. A fact, for which we, as well as for his writing talent, quite bluntly envy him.

Dominik Pühringer


Formerly a young, currently young-at-heart entrepreneur who has already raised two companies in the marketing and IT sectors. Is an innovative and technical link between man (customer) and machine (machine), and also a member of the young economy and a respected mentor at tech2be.

Siegfried Neubauer


Certified systemic organizational consultant. Supports companies with management consulting, top management training, coaching and lots of other practical things. Also works as a lecturer at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences and the Campus02 University of Applied Sciences in Graz.

Edgar Killian


Great guy and independent lawyer who has not yet forgotten how to laugh (see photo). For more than ten years he also worked as a human resources manager and doesn’t have a swanky car, but he has a wide range of professional experience as a manager in politics and business associations.

Frau Fragezeichen – offroad communications

Ms. Question Mark 

future employee

Do you want a varied job in a young, innovative team with flat hierarchies and great colleagues? Then please apply elsewhere. Anyone who falls for copy-paste ads does not suit us. If that would of course never happen to you, write to us!