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Omnimedial brand communication

STABILO is the brand when it comes to fineliners. And highlighters. And fountain pens. And and and. The brand is known worldwide for high-quality writing products. How nice if it then bears our signature.

The Market leader in writing products

Anyone can use writing products. Well, you have to be able to write, of course, but otherwise, the target group is almost limitless. Artists, mothers of school-going children, office workers – with targeted social media content telling strategies, we have created committed communities per network with constant channel growth.

Laser-focused campaigning increased sales, expanded brand loyalty and increased awareness. All of this on many channels, from social media to POS to Spotify. Hear hear!

So, what did we do?

  • Differentiated social media content support
  • Social media campaigning
  • Graphic design and film
  • Event application
  • Print
  • Web radio spot