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Dubai Electronic Security Center:
Multilingual website

Of course, a website can be built quickly. However, if the government of Dubai is behind it, you do not want to spoil yourself. So we spared no effort to create a unique online presence.

Emirates on rates

The Electronic Security Center of the Dubai government needed a more modern online presence. So the job with external partners was to create a bilingual website that displayed all of the contents of the Dubai Electronic Security Center.

Such a big project needs to be done in rates; in many small steps that lead to a great result. One of those steps was the fact that Arabic, unfortunately, is read the other way than English. That was just as exciting as the comprehensive and very progressive design. What is even more exciting, however, is the website that was created in the process.

So, what did we do?

  • Sitemap and concept
  • Web design
  • Intercontinental project management
  • Web development