yessa: brand conception and development

Brand conception and development

yessa is new software from a large Viennese joint venture that makes energy audits easier and energy efficiency measures easier. But for that someone had to first launch the brand.

Obstetrics for software

The idea was good and the world is ready. That is why we have built the brand of new energy efficiency software from front to back. After a detailed market analysis, all brand-relevant topics were worked out in close coordination and an omnichannel strategy with a wide variety of implementations for the DACH region was developed and a website was created.

yessa is visible and uniquely placed on the market and has been able to scale measurably ever since. The ongoing development of the overall strategy keeps communication adaptive – also thanks to the already mature inbound system.

What was our performance?

  • Brand conception, naming and claim
  • Corporate identity incl. Logo animation
  • Explanatory and animation videos
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Website conception incl. Sitemap
  • Web development
  • Sales funnel for lead generation