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Humane Society International:
Europe-wide market entry campaign

HSI is one of the largest and most influential animal welfare organizations in the world. After we chased away agencies from Brussels, Berlin and London in the pitch, we were allowed to develop the entry campaign for Europe.

Communication repackaged

It is a bit of a cheek that some people go to foreign countries to shoot endangered species for fun. That they then want to – and are allowed to! – import the dead bodies into their home country, even more. We have something against it: an omnimedial offline and online campaign.

The key visual implemented using 3D rendering and the campaign hashtag get to the heart of the topic and push the message through various offline and online channels.

So, what did we do?

  • International market research
  • Screening and social listening
  • 360 ° campaign conception
  • Performance marketing
  • Campaign slogan
  • Sales funnel
  • Text and graphic design
  • 3D rendering

3D artwork in partnership with 3DFlow